A little Harmless Chaos - Event starter for fuschiaperfection

Ichigo giggled quietly as he and his partner in crime finished setting up their little prank, This was going to be so great. Byakuya would probably know who was responsible and would come find him and murder him, but it was going to be funny as hell. With all the other shit going on right now what were a few more harmless pranks? He wasn’t entirely sure what was in the bucket that was now in place above the door to Byakuya’s office. Szayel had assured him it was harmless, but that it would take forever for the Squad Six Captain to get the smell to go away.

For the last few days someone or a group of someones had decided to play pranks on all of the divisions. It was all pretty harmless, some of it was really annoying, but Ichigo had found most of it to be hilarious. So of course Ichigo and Szayel had put their heads together and decided to add to the chaos and play a few pranks of their own. Starting with their “favorite” noble captain. Once the prank was all set the two quickly left through the office window and flash stepped away. 

They would probably know exactly who had done it, but he wasn’t sure they would be able to prove it. “Now what are we gonna do? Any brilliant ideas for what our next prank should be?” He looked over his shoulder then back at Szayel. “You’re sure that isn’t going to do any permanent damage right? I don’t want Rukia pissed at me.”

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Research - Nemu and Ichigo


She cocked her head, the childlike curiosity and wonder within her blossoming forth, before smiling back and settling on the swing beside him. Following the notion took a little longer, the woman fearing her powerful legs may propel her too far or too quickly, but she stood got the hand of it, starting off slowly before gradually building her pace.

As she spanned higher and higher, more of the wonderful city became visible, the rush of the air and the sound of her companion swinging beside her causing Nemu to feel a euphoria she had not felt for quite awhile. Laughter soon sounded through the atmosphere, a very foreign noise to those familiar to the female. But she could not help but let it burst forth, the entire situation being rather enjoyable and refreshing. Finally, a true, yet simple moment of blissful freedom and fun.

The activity seized after a few more minutes, the woman departing from the swing midair with a delicate grace about her descend. Once her redhead companion had departed from his did she smile broadly, her usually hidden persona shining through. Part of her mind made a mental note to suppress it later, but for now the thought was batted away.

"Thank you Ichigo-chan, that was highly entertaining." Nemu hummed. "So, what is next on the agenda?"

Ichigo was surprised and very happy to see how much Nemu seemed to enjoy swinging. She was laughing and he couldn’t help laughing along with her. He couldn’t remember ever seeing her smile or laugh like that. His smile got even bigger when she jumped off the swing and landed gracefully on her feet. He followed her example and jumped off his swing as well. She turned to grin at him after he landed next to her and he was very grateful that she seemed comfortable enough around him to let a little of her hidden personality come out.

"You’re welcome, Nemu. I’m glad you enjoyed it." What was next? That was a very good question. He wanted to do something fun because he really wanted to see that smile on her face again. He figured she had never been to an amusement park. He thought she might like it. "How would you feel about having some more fun? I know a place that you might like. It’s called an amusement park. It’s a place where humans go to have fun. There are games you can play and there are things you can ride. I think you will really like riding the Ferris Wheel. You can see the whole city from the top of it."

He looked over at her and smiled again.”What do you think, Nemu? Are you ready to go have some more fun?”

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*wraps arms around his love’s neck* “You make me crazy and I love you.”


*wraps arms around the other’s waist* “You ensnare my senses, and my very heart and soul belong to you.”

*holds him tighter* “Every part of me belongs to you.”

For Their Sake || AiMashiIchi || Closed RP




Ichigo stared at the screen. It looked familiar. “Yeah…I think so. It’s on the edge of town, but yeah It looks familiar. We need to hurry she’s almost out of Karakura. Why did she run? Why did she believe that? Why didn’t she come find us?” Ichigo felt the panic rising again and tried to control it but it wasn’t working very well. What if she wouldn’t listen to them when they found her? They had been so happy just this morning. How had this happened anyway? He sighed and looked at Aizen. “I just don’t understand how she could believe those lies. Did…did we do something to make her feel like we didn’t want her anymore?” 

They quickly left for the human world. They found the last place they had seen on the video and Ichigo frantically looked around thinking that they were already too late. Then he saw her off in the distance. She was walking slowly away from the town. Ichigo’s heart broke again. It caused him physical pain to see her like this. Their normally bouncy lover who was always so full of life looking like her world had just ended. For her he guessed it had ended. He couldn’t imagine the pain she was feeling thinking that they didn’t need her or want her anymore. He looked up at Aizen not knowing what to do now that they had found her. 

Sousuke gently grabbed and squeezed one of Ichigo’s hands, a gentle and reassuring smile appearing on his face. He nodded towards her and mouthed that they should appear before her quickly. The bright haired male nodded, and the two of them flash-stepped before Mashiro, and Sousuke grabbed the green haired woman’s right hand, murmuring softly “I love you Mashiro. I truly, deeply do. When Ichigo could not find you for lunch – as I managed to finish my tasks early for the day – we searched through the tapes and found that bitch spewing those toxic lies at you and both of us frantically tried to figure out where you were so we could tell you – and that we could show you that we do in fact, love you deeply, even as we love each other.”

He knelt down before her as he spoke, dark brown eyes large and expressive as he looked up into her eyes, allowing his face and eyes to show his naked emotions, trying to silently follow up his words with actions that would hopefully prove to her how much he loved her.

She jumped at the familiar spiritual pressures that appeared before her. Mashiro glanced between the two. An attempt to back away from them was cut short when the brunette had grabbed one of her hands. His voice only seemed like white noise. Whatever he said only seemed to filter out. A blank stare, followed by a shake of the head was the only response she could seem to manage. “You’re lying. Both of you.” 

Mashiro snatched her hand away, as if his touch had burned her flesh. “Y-you guys don’t need me. You’re fine alone. I’ve seen it. Everyone says it. So just leave me be…” Her large eyes filled with tears, while she found herself backing away from them once more. “I don’t wanna do this anymore. I’m sick of feeling like I don’t belong here…” 

Ichigo grabbed her hand before she could get any father away from them. “You do belong here Mashi…I love you…we love you so much. You belong with us. Please Mashi…please just come home with us. We need you. I don’t give a shit what everyone else says. We’re not fine without you.” Ichigo pleaded with her as he tried to hold back tears. He just wanted her to come home so they could all curl up together in their bed and be happy again. “If…if you leave there will be a huge hole in our lives that no one could ever fill, but you.” He stopped to wipe away the tears that had slipped down his cheeks. “If anyone doesn’t belong it’s me.”

"Mashi please listen to me. We wouldn’t have come after you if we didn’t love you." He dropped down to his knees in front of her. "Please just come back with us." He brought her hand to his lips and kissed the back of it. He looked back at Sousuke with a pleading look. He wanted him to do something, anything to keep her from leaving them, but he knew there was nothing either of them could really do. Neither one of them would force her to stay if she really wanted to leave. He didn’t want to think about life without her.

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Cooking Chaos || Cirucci & Ichigo


The woman hadn’t expected Ichigo to show her any sign of affection let alone kiss her on the cheek, but the gesture was actually really nice and she knew that it was just a friendly action and had no other meaning behind it. The orange haired friend of her’s knew that she was involved with Shinji so even if that was some type of move, he’d surly be barking up the wrong tree. Ichigo was attractive in his own way, but her heart and whole body belonged to the self- appointed Vizard leader. “And you look just as handsome as ever,” she said, repaying the complement with an honest one of her own.

Of course it had been a shock to Ichigo at first. The two of them had spent a day at the mall one time and he had learned of her being friends with a man named Shinji, but it wasn’t until about a week later when he had come over to the warehouse for more training on his hollowfication where he had found out that Cirucci was actually an Arrancar and staying there as a guest and allay of the Vizards. Later on the information came that she and Shinji were involved, but that topic didn’t last long over lunch that day. Still, after seeing Ichigo’s face of shock that one day, she would always smile any time she saw him.

After letting her friend into their home, Cirucci let him follow her towards the kitchen area where he had actually been debating on trying to make herself some lunch. “Did you want to help me?” she asked, warning him straight away that nine time s out of ten, she was usually setting the stove on fire and that Kensei kept an extinguisher on the other side of the fridge. “With you here it should be alright but just in case. And by the way, thanks for coming. I don’t really think I need a babysitter but with Kaname still out there, Shinji worries.” Not that I can’t take care of myself but having Ichigo around isn’t a bad choice. I like him. He’s cool

"You don’t have to thank me, I was happy to come see you It’s been a while and I missed you. Don’t think of it as having a babysitter just think of it as two friends hanging out for the day." He smiled. "Don’t get too annoyed with Shinji. He just wants to make sure you’re safe." He knew it had to be annoying for Cirucci to feel like she needed a babysitter, but he also understood why Shinji worried. Ichigo was pretty protective of the people he cared about and that included the woman in front of him. She was a good friend and he would protect her with his life if he had to."

He followed her into the kitchen and almost laughed when she said she usually caught the stove on fire. “Did you ever think that maybe cooking just isn’t your thing? I can try to help if you want. I’m not that great at cooking either, but I haven’t caught anything on fire yet.” He grinned over at her. “Yuzu has been teaching me some things. She said I need to learn how to cook. Why don’t we start with something pretty simple. Let’s try making some cookies alright? How about chocolate chip? I’ve made those with Yuzu a bunch of times. Hopefully we don’t set anything on fire because I don’t want Kensei to kill me.”

Ichigo looked around the kitchen and was happy to find everything they would need to make cookies. He also found a couple of aprons. He collected everything and set it down on the counter then threw one of the aprons to Cirucci. “You ready to get started?”

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【鰤】けんせーバーカ。 by hanaco ☆