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Sousuke watched as Ichigo did his best to try and coax her out of wherever she had fled to in her inner world. The fair haired teen seemed to be doing a good job as Mashiro’s mask looked like it could be cracking… Her spiritual pressure at least was becoming less like a hollow’s at any rate which was a good thing.

The brunet desperately wanted to move closer - to help Mashiro come out of the darkness but knew that if he tried Ichigo would likely lash out at him to keep AIzen away from his beloved while she was so obviously vulnerable…

"Mashiro…" He murmured softly, eyes damp and voice shaky as his fingers twitched towards her. "Mashiro… Please wake… Come out from your inner world…" Sousuke couldn’t help it - he had to get at least a little closer to her, to try and help her… He took a couple of small steps towards them both, body shaking as he desperately tried to keep from losing it.

Another was touching and kissing her. Another was soothing her fears away and lifting her spirits in a way that only he had been able to do so before. It was infuriating to be so close to her, but so far. However he knew that his touch would be caustic and his words were possibly just as bad.

There was a certain emptiness that accompanied her on her way back. Mashiro felt herself wishing she had stopped and ran back- wishing she had stayed in that place. 

But with each soft, soothing touch that was granted to her, she felt herself moving closer to the real world. As much as she hated being there, she had a sense that not only did she need Ichigo’s comfort, he needed hers. He needed her to chase away his own nightmares. He was alone and confused and each and every pleading word that slipped past his lips was a gentle reminder that he truly did love her.

Then there was him. His voice was so familiar and while his tone was soft and calming, it frightened her. The thought of retreating crossed Mashiro’s mind once more, but she found returning and settling things was the only option. Perhaps she was a coward in the sense that she wanted desperately for this all to be a dream, but after what she’d been through, she deserved a bit a cowardice. 

There was a soft cracking, before the bone like mask was stripped from pale flesh. Her eyes were wide, while she was faced with the warm comfort of Ichigo’s chest. Letting out a soft whimper, the visored’s arms clasped around him tightly, as if holding on any looser would cause him to drift away. 

"I-Ichigo… You’re here…W-when did you…" Involuntarily, her eyes brimmed with tears, only to quickly be soaked up by the fabric of his shirt. "I-I’m sorry…" 

Ichigo sighed in relief when her mask cracked and fell away. Suddenly her arms wrapped around him tightly and she was telling him she was sorry. He wrapped her in his arms and held on as tightly as he could He kissed the top of her head again and whispered “Of course I’m here, Mashi. You needed me so I’m here. Don’t be sorry sweetheart. It’s alright. Everything’s okay. I love you…I love you so much, Mashi.”

He wasn’t sure if he was trying to reassure her or himself. It was probably a little bit of both. He wanted to ask her what had happened to upset her so badly, but was afraid it would cause her to leave him again. All of that could wait right now she needed to stay calm. He would ask her about it later once they were cuddled up safely in his bed. He would ask, he wasn’t sure she would tell him and he wouldn’t push her to talk if she didn’t want to, but he would still ask. He would reassure her of his love and that nothing she said could ever change the way he feels about her or make him not love her anymore. Then he would wait for her to be ready to talk to him.

He held onto her as her tears soaked his shirt. He kept telling her it was okay and that he loved her hoping to keep her from getting upset again. He shot a look over his shoulder at Aizen. He wasn’t sure exactly what he was seeing in the brunet’s eyes and he didn’t care right at the moment. As long as Aizen stayed where he was and didn’t try to get any closer to them, Ichigo was content to ignore him. He would find out what had happened and then he would deal with the other male. “Come on sweetheart…let’s get you out of here. Do you want me to carry you?”

Bittersweet Longing - starter for shirosutaa and strawberryreaper



Sousuke probably could have run for miles and miles had it not been for the loud, high bitched and heart-rending howl that came from behind him. The brunet was breathing heavily as he switched directions faster than most people could see much less mimic and skidded back to where she was, desperately trying to slow down before he ran-head long into her.

Aizen nearly choked when he saw a frantic Kurosaki trying to talk her down… Had what he said truly snapped her control? Sousuke had merely been telling her the truth… She had ordered him to leave… To get away from him and he had been scrambling to obey, in part because it physically hurt to be so close to her. “Mashiro… Please… For your sake and for his, please… Wake up… Mashiro…”

Half of him wanted to pull her close to him, scooping her into his arms and murmur words of love and comfort into her ears as he petted her hair and face in soothing motions, as he had when she had woken from a night terror, or had been triggered into a bad memory by someone’s careless act or flippant words. 

But as much as he desperately wanted to comfort her, Sousuke was acutely aware that it was no longer his place to do so - It was Ichigo’s. It had been he who had put her into such a state and he was quite certain that she would react badly if not violently to his touch, however well meaning it was.

Having been the only visored to have never lost control since that first night, Mashiro was almost pleasantly surprised with how it felt. She had found herself in her inner world. A soft sunset played in the distance, peaking through the canopy of trees, while a number of fireflies flickered about. 

At the end of the forest path was a cliff. It overlooked a seemingly endless body of water. She sat there, here feet dangling from the ledge. Despite it being such a long drop, she couldn’t care less if she fell or not. 

If this is what death would feel like, she was certain it couldn’t be that horrible. The only thing that truly separated this time from the other, was the fact that her hollow seemed just as peaceful. The other sat next to her, quietly mimicking Mashiro’s posture and content expression. 

That was until she could hear the frantic voices calling out to her. Both urged her back into the real world, but she was far too frightened to return. This was a much safer option. She could never get hurt in this place. It was a never ending sea of peace and why would anyone want to give up such nirvana? 

"It’s not time yet." Hazel orbs moved to look at the other beside her, an obvious question held within them. "I’m not ready to take over just yet. And you’re not ready for me to, either. I want you to put up some fight, princess, so you really should just go back." 

The green haired female was speechless. Only a soft nod and pressing her lips together was given to acknowledge the other spoke. She needed another minute. However brief this time was, she was certain she could return to it eventually. "You’re right…I’m not ready yet…I have something to finish." 

Ichigo jumped when he heard another voice. He turned around and stared unbelieving at what he was seeing. What the hell was he doing here? And why the fuck was he trying to calm her down? Ichigo turned and almost growled at the brunet. He instinctively stepped between the other male and Mashiro. “What the fuck are you doing here, Aizen?”

Ichigo glared at the brunet and silently dared him to make a move towards Mashiro. He was so confused right now, but he was starting to figure out what must have happened. The asshole must have done something to make Mashi freak out like this. Ichigo growled and stalked towards the brunet.

"What did you do to her? What the hell did you do? I’ll fucking kill you if you hurt her." It was the only thing that made sense he had to have done something. He looked back over his shoulder at Mashiro. As much as he wanted to beat the shit out of Aizen at the moment, Mashi was more important. The weird thing was Aizen seemed to be attempting to calm her down too. Ichigo was so confused. He wasn’t sure what the hell to think he just wanted to get Mashi back. Then he would deal with Aizen.

He turned back to Mashiro and walked closer to her. “Mashi…please…If you can hear me…please try to come back. Can you do that for me? Please sweetheart…I need you to listen to me. Please come back…I can’t loose you…come back and tell me what’s wrong…let me help you.” He stepped closer until he was standing right in front of her. He leaned down and pressed a kiss to the top of her head and reached out to play with a strand of her hair. “I love you Mashiro…please come back…”

Bittersweet Longing - starter for shirosutaa and strawberryreaper




Aizen flinched at the tone and darkness of her voice – this. This right here was exactly why he hadn’t tried to face her alone and why this impulsive decision was already unraveling and corkscrewing off so badly. His heart was twisting and clenching at the bitterness and anger in her voice and he could barely breathe for the scorn in her tone.

“As you wish. However I have two pieces of news for you. The blue lights are starting to awaken as their emperor does, and the first replacement is gathering followers to devour others. I hope you and Kurosaki Ichigo have a long and happy life together. Consider the words I say well and hide while the storms that those two gather rage around the city of false purity.” Sousuke managed out. His voice was calm and even toned for most people who would over hear it. But if you knew him well enough, you could hear the brunet’s voice shaking ever so slightly. His hands were clenched and eyes over-bright.

He took in a shuddering breath and murmured in a voice so low and quiet she might not of heard him say the words. But Sousuke desperately needed to say the words on his tongue “I apologize for doing what I did to you. I do not expect you to forgive me in the slightest for what I have done to you. Only know this. I have and always will love you, Mashiro Kuna, and I truly hope that you do find happiness. Be it with Kurosaki or another who is worthy and honorable enough to have your love and to love you fully in return.”

With that he turned on his heel and fled down the alleyway, wanting to get away from her, but far too upset to even attempt something as complex to conjure as a dimensional portal.

Everything had faded to white noise; the cars drifting by, the voices of what few people were still about that evening, even his voice. Mashiro could see him in front of her, his eyes almost pleading for her not to be so cross, but she could barely make out anything he said through her racing thoughts.

However, be it selective hearing, or wishful thinking, what she did hear was enough to snap her back to reality. 

I have and always will love you


Through the whole century she spent in exile, Mashiro had quietly dreamed of a moment like this. She had wished for him to come back to her, even for a moment. But now that it was happening, she didn’t feel the way she thought she would. She felt fear, disbelief, and more betrayal than she had before. His attempt to retreat only made her feel worse, despite being the one to shoo him off. 

"He lies.  

                  Look what he did to you.

                                                   What makes you think anyone would love you.

                                                                                                                                    Love us.

The hissing in her ears had become far too natural and even know, her hollow’s tone was almost comforting in a sense. She was quietly egging her on; urging her to loosen the reigns and let go just for the moment.

So she did. The visored had felt another snap in her chest, this time more painful and cold than the last. A darkness crept up and soon, whatever bit of control she had been holding onto drifted away. Mashiro wanted to let go of the pain and if that meant letting go of herself, so be it. She would do it. 

A shrill howl emitted from her throat and it was then that the crisp night would succumb to a fit that had been boiling for over one hundred years; masked by bright eyes and a bubbly demeanor. What was underneath would bubble to the top. Her mask had manifested far quicker than she would have anticipated, which only left the darkness to engulf her. Instead of feeling trapped, she felt liberated.

                                                    I’m finally done. 

Ichigo had been waiting for Mashiro to come back from the store and was starting to get a little worried. She should have been back. He was lying on his bed staring at the ceiling when he got the feeling that something was very wrong. He was out of his window and flash stepping towards the store before he had even stopped to think. All he could think was that Mashiro was in danger and he had to get to her as fast as he could. 

"Shit…shit…shit!" He said out loud as he heard the howl. That had sounded like a hollow. He really hoped Mashi was just fighting something because the alternative scared the hell out of him. No…she was probably fighting something. She was too strong for her hollow to get control unless…unless she had let it have control. That thought had him speeding up.

He skidded to a halt in front of the store. The sight that greeted him was one of his worst nightmares. She wasn’t fighting anything…that howl had been her. “Mashi…” He called tentatively. Her head turned towards him and he took a step back. That wasn’t Mashiro…it was her hollow. His heart sank and he wondered what the hell could have possibly upset her this much. “Mashi…hey sweetheart.” She just looked at him.

He took a few steps closer to her and was suddenly terrified. He had to find a way to calm her down and quickly. He was afraid that his Mashi would be lost to him forever if he didn’t find a way to get through to her. “Mashiro? Can you hear me sweetheart? It’s me. It’s Ichigo. Please talk to me, Mashi. Can you tell me what happened?  Mashi please…I love you. Please come back to me…I need you to come back to me.”



A sweet smile appeared on the other’s face as he promptly tackled the fair haired teenager “Yes… Need cuddles…” Sousuke proceeded to bury his face in the other’s shirt.

Ichigo hugged Sousuke tightly and kissed the top of his head. “I’ll give you cuddles anytime you want. You know that. I love to cuddle with you.”

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"You have lips... I have lips. They should meet."




"What the hell makes you think I want to kiss you?"

"What’s wrong with you? It would take me all day to list the things that are wrong with you! I never said you weren’t pretty. I just said I don’t want to kiss you! Why do you have to be so annoying?"

"OHH! First I’m not pretty and now I’m annoying?! You got a real mouth on you boy!!"


"Best watch what you say before I shove my foot down your throat!"

"Can your foot even reach that high?"

“‘Why the hell do you want to kiss me anyway? And I NEVER said you weren’t pretty!”




"Why not?" *smiles at the pout*


"Cause I dun wanna." *pouts harder* *wants a hug but isn’t sure if he can ask for it or not*

"Do you need some cuddles? You know you don’t have to ask."



"I dun wanna do anything." *pouts*

"Why not?" *smiles at the pout*




"What’s wrong?"


meme choice - rondeaou

I will always love you, my darling dear

I hope you believe that my feelings are not insincere

For long have I loved you

And I promise I will ever be true

While some might scoff and others’ jeer

It is only your opinion that I fear

For all of you sends me spinning and falling of a deep peer

That is within my soul, however I am not blue

I will always love you.

I promise to you that my feelings are not a thin veneer

To trick you, to this I will adhere.

Soon after we met, you turned my world askew

And I don’t care, though I ought to.

I will always love you.

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